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Statutory safety equipment plays an important role in professional shipping. Our service department takes care of all your needs concerning the testing and certification of your safety- and rescue equipment all over the world. Whether it is adjusting a compass, inspecting lifejackets, immersion suits, air breathing equipment, an onboard inspection of the EEBD, the fire extinguishers or the CO2 system, our service team is ready.

Approved Service Supplier

We are an approved service supplier, recognized by the major classification societies. The automatic supply principle is also integrated into the Service Department. This means that all the expiry dates of certificates of safety equipment are monitored to ensure a timely appointment for testing. In short, we keep an eye on your equipment to ensure you always have a complete and up-to-date outfit.

Service ports

Service Ports is an in-house developed system for monitoring and tracking service related items that have an expiry date. This system also contains information on all our service ports world-wide and visualizes the actual position of all the vessels we service. The services performed by Datema are stored in our service reporting system. When specific items reach their expiry date they will become visible on a dedicated digital platform, allowing us to track and monitor the vessels and give you pro-active advise as to which specific services can be best executed where, both practically and economically! In case of items that are more difficult to service, for instance medicinal oxygen (cannot be serviced at each port), we will inform you well in advance so that a suitable service port can be found.

Our USP's

• Monitoring expiry dates of your safety equipment
• Worldwide service network
• Approved service supplier
• We take care of all communication

Our scope

We can offer the following service onboard ships and in our workshop: inspection of fixed firefighting systems, portable fire extinguishers, inflatable life jackets, immersion suits, EEBD, SCBA + full face mask and refilling cylinders, life rafts, hooks-cranes-boats and gas detection.

Low Location Lighting (LLL)

The low location lighting is an unique system that allows all evacuation routes to stay illuminated, thereby communicating a clear, continuous and...

Remote Assisted Compass Adjustment (RACA)




Datema Delfzijl B.V.

Zeesluizen 8 9936 HX Delfzijl The Netherlands +31 (0)596 635 252

Galvanistraat 148 3029 AD Rotterdam The Netherlands +31 (0) 10 436 61 88

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